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There... there..

No Warnings.
author - tjgoldstein
No Beta.
Haven't written in years. Starting to yearn for it again. Thought I would try it out.

“There there… shhhh!” whispered Spike, his lips brushing against the trembling man’s ear. “Haven’t I always taken good care of you? What makes ya think I’m gonna stop now?” The blonde vampire ran his long fingered hands up and down Xander’s tanned back as he encircled the young man in a much needed hug. Every few seconds, Spike made sure to honor tradition
and rub gentle circles against the sun warmed skin.

“S… Spike… you don’t understand! It… it was… hor… horrifying!” Xander choked out the words as he shivered in the strong embrace of his lover’s deathly pale embrace. “I could see it… even before it actually happened… I could see it and… the sound! Oh my God Spike… *the sound!* “

“I know love, I know.” Soothed Spike as he gently patted back the long fringe of dark hair that almost hid Xander’s even darker eyes. “I agree… it were scary. Now, can ya look at me? Look at me love… come on? Yeah, that’s it sweetmeat!”

Xander hesitantly met the steel blue gaze of his lover, a weak smile plastered over his face as he allowed Spike to continue to calm him down. It wasn’t often that Spike indulged him in such an overt display of both compassion and genuine caring so he was going to enjoy it while he could but it was just a shame that it had taken a horrific incident such as the one a few moments ago for Spike to jump to the rescue. As he thought about what had caused him to have a hysterical break down, Xander
shuddered in fear at the thought of it happening again. As a tear trickled down his cheek and dripped off the tip of his nose, Xander hiccupped loudly, the sound breaking the tension in the air.

Spike chuckled in relief as he watched Xander laughed in between a bout of hiccups. He had never seen Xander so upset before and if he was honest with himself, it was all Spike’s own fault. True, he hadn’t known Xander would react quite this way to Spike’s surprise but still, Spike could only blame himself for his partner’s bout of screaming and tears. If only he had been able to differentiate between the look of shocked surprise and overwhelming horror but no, Spike had assumed Xander was
speechless due to the awe inspiring scene laid out for him in the kitchen. Instead, what could only be described as a moment that would go down in history as a monumental mistake had occurred only a mere second later.

 Gently turning Xander around, Spike gave him a push in the direction of the lounge room. “Go on, I’ll clean this shit up ok? No… no arguing with me boy, might be ya 30th birthday but I’m still ya elder. Got me over a hundred years on ya! So go sit down… put ya feet up an’ I’ll be there in a jiff. Ok? Good lad.”

As Xander slowly ambled out of the kitchen and off towards the two bedroom apartment’s large lounge room, Spike sighed in both frustration and disappointment. Grabbing the roll of paper towel from underneath the kitchen sink, Spike crouched down beside the brand new Ikea kitchen table and wiped up the chunks of birthday cake that was spattered all over the duck egg blue linoleum. Careful to wipe up the streaks of cream cheese frosting, Spike came across the catalyst for Xander’s meltdown and snarled quietly to himself as he picked it up. “Balloons. Who the bloody fuck woulda thought a 30 year old man would be afraid of a
fuckin’ balloon popping?”

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Mpreg Big Bang!!!

Hi people, i just wanted to let everyone know that there's a brand new multifandom Mpreg Big Bang!!!
[Thanks phantisma *_________________*]

Artist Sign Up
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Please sign up, because mpregbb REALLY, REALLY, REALLY needs Artists!

Characters and or Pairings of this Fandom so far. Angel: Wesley/Spike, Xander/Spike

Buffy/Crossover: Buffy/Riddick, Riddick/Xander

This is a list of Fandoms, including this one, Characters and or Pairings so far: http://elenies-mind.deviantart.com/art/Mpreg-Big-Bang-256943721

Spikes lesson

New Story Preview.

Hi all,

I know you all thought I was dead but I'm not... so there!

Thanks to me deferring my University this semester, I have actually managed to find the will to write again. Amazing how academic writing crushes the will to write creatively.

Anyhow, I have just finished a story! Whoo... and below, are a couple of lines.

Collapse )

This part is about the middle. And I shall have the story ready for Beta tomorrow night. :)

So, hopefully, it should be out and proud in the next 2-3 days.


so i posted this request on bloodclaim and forgot to popst it here..... *silly me*

so my fanfic folder, disapeared!!!!!!

im after stories longer then 2 or 3 chapters that were finshed in the last couple of months!!!!!

can any of you help me out? greatly appreachated..

*HUGS in advance*
Spikes lesson

Fic request/Challenge

Ok, this is a fic request but it's also a challenge for those up to the task?

I want to read Spander... maybe with some Xangel and DarkWes/Xander (can't think of the combination at the moment for those two :: shrugs :: ).. even some Giles/Xander?

Anyhow, I want to read about Manipulative Xander, a Xander who uses Spike's vampire abilities for his own means... such as 'suggesting' that Spike talk to a the foreman at his latest work site about homophobic remarks.... which ultimately lead to Xander getting a promotion simply because the guy next in line suddenly disappeared 3 weeks before hand, leaving Xander the only one capable enough to run the site.

Xander experimented on Angel but refined his process with Spike, then, looking for more of a challenge, moved onto Wesley because a human is harder to manipulate than a vampire, especially a smart human such as an ex watcher? Vampires will do anything to get a somewhat reluctant boy to put out for them?

I want to see Xander manipulative but so good at it, that Angel and Spike only catch glimpses of what Xander is doing to them and even then, doubting that they had seen it?
Spikes lesson

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They are the New World's best tool.  The undead  are able to work in the most extreme of conditions while needing little other than a daily blood supplement in return.  Numerous economies would cease to exist and many more countries would fall into ruin if vampires were not so hardy and thanks to the Iniative's micro chip system, able to be trained to do any dangerous task.

Listed below are just some of the tasks vampires have been trained to do, taking the human element out of such dangerous work...

Mining - able to stay below ground indefinately without the danger of suffocating due to toxic fumes.

Flower Farming - able to work without the hassle and expense of protective equipment from essential fertilizers

Pearl Diving - able to stay under water for for hours on end, only coming up for meal breaks.

Search and Rescue - with noses far more sensitive than even a bloodhound, vampires and their handlers are able to track missing persons for miles while their speed ensure escapee's are found usually within the hour.

Construction - with the strength and stamina of 10 men each, 2 vampires can easily build a 3 bedroom house in a matter of a few short weeks.


Where would the world be today without them?

So, do the right thing and sign up one of your children today into the 'Vampires for a better tomorrow' program. Remember, all families of  successful applicant's receive an extra 15% food and fuel vouchers for the life of the vampire.

Call 1800-Tomorrows Vampire .. and let's build a better world, starting today.


Challenge Musts...

 - Xander/Spike, would also love some Wesley and Giles thrown in there somewhere... not neccessary though, just for my own kink..lol

- Future Fic or can be set just after Season 7 of buffy or last season of Angel

- NO prostitute Spike or Xander - even though it is one of my favs :)

- Remember, Spike was highly educated before being turned so his former education must have some sort of value?
Truly Tazi - Butterfly

Fall for SX now open!

The fourth season of fall_for_sx is now open and posting has begun!

This year we started the year off with an opening day drabble tree. The drabble tree will be open for the entire season so stop by and play with us.

The community still has posting dates up for grabs so if you'd like to join in the fun and contribute something to the community stop by the sign-up post and snag a date.

Hope to see you there!

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XanderXtreme Update

Yup...finally an update! It's only a small one but no less full of yummy Xander goodness. I've added 2 fics by EntreNous, both are sequels to her naughty bad story Safer. Look Out and Paying Attention, continue to lead you deeper and deeper into the AU world that they are set in...

I am also slowly but surely attempting to spam proof emails on the Xander Xtreme site. I would like to take this opportunity to request that all authors who have fic at the site contact me and let me know if you have changed your email, that way it will save me doing things over twice.

Anyway until the next update...ciao


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