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Xander Xtreme

There is no inbetween

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This is a community where people can post stories featuring Xander Harris from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Xander Harris is either submissive and at the mercy of others or Dominant and in complete control; there is no inbetween.

All stories feature Xander with one or more of the men from Buffy and/or Angel (Angel/Xander... Xander/Giles/Wesley/Spike... Xander/Lindsay/Holland/Hamilton) There is no limit to how many men he can be paired with. Het is tolerated but only if it is an essential part of the story or part of the main relationship (Xander/Faith/Spike... Xander/Joyce/Angel/Spike) OC's are also fine as long as they are relevant in some way to the story (Xander/OC/Spike... Xander/OC/OZ/Fred)

These are adult only stories/NC-18 and are not for those who dislike homosexual relationships between two men. Some stories feature very strong themes such as non-con, rape, Domestic Violence, torture, character death, blood-play, incest and so on. Any stories with these themes make note of them in the 'warnings/notes'.

***All stories posted to Xander Xtreme will be added to the Xander Xtreme site without exception unless the author has stated otherwise in their story heading.***

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